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Advanced Management Services is a family of brands dedicated to making sure healthcare practices have the tools they need to be successful and compete in a changing healthcare environment. As a result, we help increase revenue so clinic owners and directors can treat patients. Advanced Management Services focuses on four key practice management areas:

1. Billing and Claims Processing
2. Marketing
3. Data Management/CRM

4. Practice Management

We have been helping medical practices increase their bottom line for over 15 years. We connect all areas of your practice, creating a synergistic, revenue-generating practice

What separates the hyper profitable healthcare practices from those running “enough to pay the bills” practices?

It’s rarely quality of care.

It’s using a synergist approach to connect all parts of your practice. That’s what Advanced Management Services will do.

If you have worker’s comp or auto patients we’ll start there and maximize reimbursements without PPO discounts or repricing, using our TPA license. Then we amp up your business using strategic marketing solutions, referral generation and data management.

Since marketing starts with the first call to your practice and ends with A+, VIP treatment we are available to train your staff and get them fired up about helping as many people as possible live a better and pain-free life!

Family of Brands

Advanced Rehab Management Services (ARMS) is a Third-Party Administrator.  This means we are licensed by the government to handle insurance claims processing (among other things).  We serve medical practices making sure they receive the maximum reimbursements without PPO discounting.


Advanced Rehab Network (ARN) is a growing network of physical and occupational therapy clinics.  We provide contracting services, payer issues assistance, branding and marketing and provide strength in numbers.  We also negotiate payer contracts as a group. 

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