Boost Billing Platform

We help our customers get maximum reimbursements for workers comp and auto claims.

With our TPA licenses we are able to process claims (differently than individual practices) from our customers directly to the end payer with a focus on workers’ compensation and auto claims. This process usually brings higher reimbursements to our customers.

Here’s where we are different.

• Our customers are PROVIDERS, not insurance companies. We make sure you are getting properly reimbursed for the work you do, without random discounts that can dramatically reduce your billed charges.
• We staff people who know the insurance company tactics and how to combat those tactics.
• We have developed a complex chain of software into a user-friendly billing platform we call Boost.
• We are government licensed to process claims and we do it while fighting for every dollar for you, the PROVIDER.
• We only make money when you make money.
• We know this process works. That’s why we do NOT require a processing contract. When our customers see the higher reimbursements, they just keep sending claims. Everyone wins!

Start Boosting Profits Today!

Advanced Rehab Management Services has helped dozens of health care practices transition from great, well-regarded practices to highly profitable, expert revered, referral generating top tier practices.

Could you be next?

We’re selective. We may be a match if your practice is:

• Well established.
• Currently using some marketing and advertising to increase brand awareness and referrals.
• Excellently reputable among patients and referral sources.
• In good standing with Medicare and other major insurance payers.
• Looking to increase revenues, expand footprint, or build net worth to become attractive to buyers.