There are a lot of reasons why accountability is so important. Accountability helps focus your staff and distracts from unproductive behavior. When you hold your staff accountable for what they’re supposed to be doing to impact one or more key performance indicators (KPI), it will breed trust among the team. It will help employees learn to depend on each other. In addition to all of those positive things, it will also increase your revenues.

We help you identify key performance indicators for overall success. From there, we create accountability stats for some or all of your employees. Then we show you how to introduce the KPI stats to your employees, how to help them achieve and exceed the goals associated with the stats, and finally, how to manage the data generated from the stats.

In the end, this can mean more trusted staff and practice/business success.

employee training

A medical practice, or any business for that matter, is like an orchestra. Every staff member has an instrument to play for the performance to be a success. When one is out of tune, it can ruin the performance and the same can be true for the practice. Our services help you become the conductor, so to speak.

We’ll identify marketing concepts to weave through the business and train your staff to get everyone on board. From the first call to following up with the patient/customer, even after their appointment/visit; it’s all marketing which helps you create a virtually unlimited source of referrals.

We’ll train your staff on all the details and tips involved with meeting the goals for their role, how to be accountable to promote growth, and how to be on a team that moves toward one goal- practice/business success.

Bills/claims check-up

We not only can process your bills, we can also provide consultation services to make sure you’re being paid correctly.

We’ll review your insurance contracts and compare rates with your EORs, and then make recommendations.

We can educate you on how to get the highest reimbursement, which codes are in favor with insurance companies, and how to talk to your staff about billing correctly for their time.